Who Wouldn’t Spoof this Campaign?

If ever there was an oil campaign that read like a feminine product commercial this is it folks. I don’t know who created this campaign. I know that their intentions were good. But further to Michael’s post of last week about tone and authenticity this campaign fails on both counts.

See spoof here.

We have to own who we are and be realistic about who we can be - it is imperative to tone.


Beyonce, Social Media & The Importance of Being You

Despite many of us  in the Reputations office (read: only me) devouring celebrity news, we don’t work in that space. Our core competency is reputation management and corporate communications, so celebrity publicity isn’t something I can speak to with any expertise (other than: don’t follow the Lohan example)

I digress. This past week I fell under the thrall of a newly launched celebrity website: Beyonce’s Tumblr

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