Timelines Marching On

Further to my post on June 15th (Minute-by-Minute: Timeline Happiness) there are other aspects you should consider when managing your timeline.  

Delineate responsibility – this is important in an agency/client or department/department environment where you may not have much face time but are working towards the same deadline.

I use a colour coding system that shows our agency, our client, and shared responsibility in different colours. Additionally, names can be added for each row showing who, specifically, is responsible for delivery. 

Track your timeline – this is as simple as drawing a moveable line (this can be done easily in Excel or Word) showing what date you are on. This is a great visual cue to keep everyone on deadline. It should be moved to the appropriate day every time the timeline is opened.

Number activities – I like assigning each activity an index number that moves with the item if timelines are changed. This makes identifying a timeline item easier if you’re not all in the same room. 

This should put you well on your way to generating and managing an efficient timeline.